Why are reviews so important?

‘Reviews on Depop are probably the truest representation of a seller you’re going to get and this covers everything from the communication, delivery, packaging, as well as the item itself. When I’m looking to buy, it gives me huge reassurance if other people have had good experiences with the seller. If the reviews are really good I almost feel like I’m missing out if I don’t buy.’ 


How do you maintain regular 5 star reviews?

‘Having a five star rating is super important to us. We want buyers to be happy and excited about their new items! Ultimately, unimpressed buyers aren’t going to remember us or shop with us again, which just isn’t a sustainable way to run. To get those sweet 5 star reviews, we’ll always strive to go the extra mile both pre and post sale. When listing items, we make sure to note any flaws, and between us we’ve got pretty good at fixing them too. I’ll respond quickly and honestly to questions and message buyers as soon as I’ve seen the item has sold. I like to let them know when items will be dispatched because I know how frustrating it is waiting for online deliveries! We always pop a thank you card in as well, I think buyers really appreciate this.’


How does it feel when someone leaves you an unfair review?

‘Honestly my heart sinks! We try so hard to get it right so it’s gutting if this happens. Me and my mum run the shop together so when this has happened in the past we’ll try to look at the situation unbiasedly and think about how to rectify or improve the problem for the future. Working together also really helps to keep confidence in what we’re doing’


What do you do to make sure this rarely happens?

’We put in a lot of effort to make listings as clear as possible and try to manage expectations to minimise any uncertainties a user might have. If issues do come up, we’ll always try to resolve these as best as we can and most of the time users are super reasonable. Sometimes there isn’t anything you can do to stop a buyer from leaving a negative review so we’ll just move on and work on things for next time.


Have you ever had to leave a low review?

‘I’ve actually never needed to leave a low review but I think honest feedback should be given where it’s due. I think reviews should be given at the end of the process though and not midway through a dispute because you’ve gotta give the seller a chance to rectify the situation.’


Do you think if Depop didn’t have the reviews section, people would get scammed more often?

‘Yes, I think that it could cause more scams but I reckon less people would be inclined to buy on Depop without being able to read reviews. Especially for users selling high end brands - good reviews are going to be really important to build trust.’


What other feature do you think the platform could benefit from having?

‘I think it’d be cool if users could have some kind of seller status for getting a certain number of good reviews. Top Sellers have to maintain a high average feedback score but some recognition for side hustle users (like us) would be great too!’


Do you think people take reviews seriously?

‘Yes I think people do. If a user has a serious amount of low reviews, they’re not gonna get much traffic to their page. I feel like seeing a seller with the occasional low review is fine - we’re all human and it’s super rare to be able to please everyone!’


Would you give someone with a couple of bad reviews the benefit of the doubt if you were about to purchase an item from them?

‘If the buyer had loads of good reviews and a couple of bad reviews, I would probably take my chances and purchase the item. I’d definitely be hesitant if the couple of bad reviews were all I had to go by... it would depend how much I wanted that item. Though I guess on Depop it’s super easy to just drop the seller a message about your concerns.’


Do you think people take pleasure in leaving ‘snitty’, unkind reviews?

‘I think this is difficult because Depop is set up really similar to a social media site so an unkind review would be taken way more personally than say, a review on Trip Advisor. I’d like to think that people don’t but I’m sure every seller has come across someone like this before. As long as I’m happy that I’ve done all that I can, I’m not going to get involved in any drama!’


Have you ever had a nightmare customer?

‘Of course there’s been a few users that will buy an item with the intention of trying to get a refund when it arrives. They do this by either claiming it wasn’t received, it’s got marks/holes and a few have even tried to say their PayPal account got hacked! Things like this would really get to us when we first started out selling but a few years in and we’re a bit more geared up to handle things like this. All I can say is take loads of photos and keep your postage receipts! I would like to add though that I’ve found Depop to have an amazing community of users that have made my experience on the app so much fun. Nightmare buyers are thankfully really rare.’


How does Depop keep the trust going between sellers and buyers?

‘I think that verifying certain sellers really helps buyers to gain trust in using Depop, especially for first time users. Depop and PayPal sort of provide a blanket safety net to help you out if things go wrong and encourage users to complete transactions through the app. I think Depop work to remove users not following the guidelines, which is really good and like anywhere, reviews are essentially there for the buyer to make their own decision about whether to buy or not.’

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