To some people, Depop is their sole purpose, career and income. For Depop OG Kaila from @kksdealz, Depop is a side hustle. As much as this slow fashion platform really does build up the bank, why decline a chance to make more money on the side?


After having her fingers in many pies by reselling her old clothes on Depop as well as 5 other selling platforms, Kaila has become quite the online mastermind. This business woman wanted more and decided to build a new source of income on the platform ‘OnlyFans’. This app allows users to post explicit videos with a subscription fee and @kksdealz is owning it! 


We asked Kaila how she bounces between both occupations as a successful Depop seller and an OnlyFans girl and she said that she keeps up with the two just how she manages all her sites. ‘You have to learn to make time for each one whilst making time for yourself. Self care is very important’ 


Both of these money making platforms are very different. Nothing about Depop is inappropriate with its youthful demographic and audience but OnlyFans is pure explicit content and non PG. Being the boss of 7 positions, naturally you learn new skills in each of them but does the expertise learnt from one, apply to the other? ‘One of the biggest things I’ve learned from each platform is always providing excellent customer service. If you provide this, you’ll have reoccurring customers. Also, consistency is key. Being consistent with how often I list items on Depop is just as important of how often I post or send out private content on my Only Fans.’ 


We know you can make a fortune on Depop and it is slowly being uncovered more and more just how much money can be produced through the x-rated app but does it really pay the bills? ‘It really does and I’m forever thankful’ Kaila told us. A successful OnlyFans account can earn anything between $1,500 and $7,500 per month. The platforms top earner is wracking up an incredible $100,000 a year, from a mixture of subscribers who pay $6.50 a month as well as larger fees for pay-per-view and commissioned work. Kaila went on to say how ‘Just like any business, if you work hard enough you’ll truly see it pay off in the end. I’m a hard worker when it comes to all of my online businesses. My brain never stops thinking of new items to sell or new content and photoshoots to create!’ 


Being one of Depops first every sellers, @kksdealz said that although OnlyFans has treated her well, Depop will always be the place she ‘calls home’. Depop does that. Every seller feels appreciated within Depops wonderful community and you’ll always feel a sense of family and sentiment with your faithful Depop shop.


Time is precious and things that eat it up are annoying. To kill time and get the ball rolling, Kaila shoots her Depop and OnlyFans content at the same time. ‘Sometimes taking a ‘two for one’ shot can really knock out some time in my day. Recently I had a bunch of vintage jeans that I needed to take pictures and list up on my Depop shop so whilst doing so, I took a couple of booty pictures too for my OnlyFans account! Creativity is where it’s at!’


As we all know, doing anything out of the ordinary or deemed taboo becomes a huge topic of conversation. Whether it’s good, bad, judgemental or humorous - being spoken about is better than not being spoke about at all, right? People will always have their old fashioned opinions but as long as you are happy and safe, who the hell cares? Kaila told us ‘I’d never fully announced my Only Fans to anyone on my actual Depop but I have had friends and followers subscribe on the ‘DL’ or show themselves before! No judgment from me whatsoever! Everyone has their own taste!’ 


Dodging negativity and blocking out the haters and judgemental behaviour must feel like a never ending cycle for those who courageously put themselves out there but Kaila believes in herself and knows her limits. She stated how ‘Sex work is not easy by any means! I have learned a lot in these past couple of months since I joined Only Fans. I try to take everything little by little and not sweat the haters! I can only focus on bettering myself and providing lovely and fun content for my fans.’  


For those that are unaware of @kksdeals other profession, it can make her feel as though she is kind of leading a double life. She tries to incorporate both jobs into her daily life as much as possible whilst taking some down time out for herself. Kaila describes herself as a creative woman and one ‘who wears many hats’ meaning she has and continues to walk down a broad variety of different paths. Kaila has always had ‘about a million’ projects on the go at once. ‘I love to explore new experiences and see my mind, body and soul in all the various ways possible’.


Owner of @kksdealz is seriously acing business life right now. It is a juggling act and she has got it down to a T. It can be quite an overwhelming feeling sometimes when you feel the pressure of the DM walls build up and maintaining all the good reviews. ‘I’m incredibly grateful for all of my family, my girlfriend, friends and fans who have helped me along the way of achieving my goals and always making me feel extra loved!’ It always helps when the people surrounding you are supportive, patient and are just there for when you need them. 


Kaila is killing it right now and this girl deserves some recognition! Mad About Depop are absolutely thrilled to have had the pleasure of interviewing this Wonder Woman and hope it has induced some inspiration and helped broaden acceptance to this already very inclusive and highly respected platform. 

Written by Olivia Tuffrey

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